Trails in Taos County, New Mexico

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Trails in Taos County New Mexico

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Bernal Trail 10,302 ft (3,140 m)
Burnt Ridge Trail 10,380 ft (3,164 m)
Comales Sheep Driveway 8,579 ft (2,615 m)
Comales Trail 11,069 ft (3,374 m)
Devisadero Peak Loop Trail 7,808 ft (2,380 m)
Divide Trail 12,444 ft (3,793 m)
El Camino Real 8,238 ft (2,511 m)
Kit Carson Trail 7,884 ft (2,403 m)
Lost Lake Trail 10,810 ft (3,295 m)
North End Trail 9,199 ft (2,804 m)
Osha Trail 10,567 ft (3,221 m)
Santa Barbara Angostura Trail 11,181 ft (3,408 m)
Simpson Memorial Trail 9,153 ft (2,790 m)
Twining Blue Lake Trail 12,188 ft (3,715 m)
West Fork Angostura Trail 9,632 ft (2,936 m)

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