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Trails in Ouray County, Colorado

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Trails in Ouray County Colorado

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Bear Creek Trail 10,525 ft (3,208 m)
Blue Lakes Trail 10,279 ft (3,133 m)
Courthouse Trail 9,649 ft (2,941 m)
Cow Creek Trail 10,941 ft (3,335 m)
Dallas Trail 9,380 ft (2,859 m)
Deer Creek Trail 9,997 ft (3,047 m)
Green Mountain Trail 9,495 ft (2,894 m)
Greyhound Pack Trail 11,270 ft (3,435 m)
Horsethief Trail 11,903 ft (3,628 m)
Lou Creek Trail 9,265 ft (2,824 m)
Paradox Road 9,258 ft (2,822 m)
Ridge Stock Driveway 12,083 ft (3,683 m)
Spring Creek Trail 8,441 ft (2,573 m)
Weehawken Pack Trail 9,803 ft (2,988 m)
West Fork Trail 12,090 ft (3,685 m)

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