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Fall Line Films
Running Time:
38 minutes

In it's tenth grrrrrrreat year, Fall Down Films focuses again on freeriding — fun, stories, narration, animations, clamations, funk...did I say fun? After a distractingly long intro we are guided by Captain Stubing aboard the Maritime Maid just north of Anchorage. Jason Ford dissects steeps while Rockett Reaves redefine the term "getting spit out."

Then the focus blurs and we're somewhere between Mt. Bachelor and Montana. Big, clear sky kickers mixed with cloudy Super 8 backcountry, bring you back to the Northwest Territories. Then the Rockett Reaves radio transmission brings you in only to realize Karleen Jefferies obviously needs no encouragement.

"We're revisited by claydudes, Pro Bob and Soul Bro (see Steak and Lobster) as well as guest stars Sonny Bono, Bill Clinton and Dirty Butt..."

We then move on to "a bunch of guys from a bunch of different places." Here we get some exquisite floating camera following Tom Gilles and Jake Blattner literally getting shot down while approaching mach III; John Sommers on a good day back East, and Jason McAllister from Tahoe to AK.

We're revisited by claydudes Pro Bob and Soul Bro (see Steak and Lobster), as well as guest stars Sonny Bono, Bill Clinton and Dirty Butt. Turn up the volume here. Dialogue is genius. Claymation is fun. Relation to reality is hysterical. Rewind when necessary.

We get several of these fun interruptions as well as experiments with the evil Dr. Jones and friends. The final finishing comments from your friend and mine, Soul Bro reminds us all what it's all about.

Just don't miss FLF's fine '99 feature. It's here, it's funny, it's freeriding the way you wanted it to be. Own it alongside Steak and Lobster.

— Hans Prosl, Mountain Zone Staff
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