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Peak Productions
Running Time:
30 minutes

Jason Moriarty's seventh beat on boarding is a bit biased. Okay, it's all a big K2 promo, but this doesn't make it a bad movie. There are surfing segments alone that make it worth watching. Walls of water combined with a held under ticker had me gasping and wondering how much fun big wave riding really is.

This combined with the slippery lines Brian Savard lays down during his highlight would be enough to keep you chanting K-2 for the full 30 minutes.

"A K2 stalker would enjoy profiling the tactics of his or her affection..."

The K2 posse doesn't dissapoint and holds its own throughout, exhibiting its strengths, which remain in freeriding, in fine Northwest form. The halfpipe segments are short and the Whistler segments long. But each rider is given a chance to showcase and none disappoint.

Here is where a K2 stalker would enjoy profiling the tactics of his or her affection. Weather you're a Markus Hurme Finnish fanatic or a tree hugging Englesman fan, there's something in here for you.

The attempt to show humor via Redneck Jed didn't cut it for me. First, destroying a board is only worthy in it's natural environment. Second, the skit takes too long and we never get to see Jed make squirrel stew or opossum pie. Lastly and most importantly, nobody squeals like Ned Beatty.

If E-Tree's stick or Lance's pits get you hot, own it. If not rent it.

— Hans Prosl, Mountain Zone Staff
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