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January 14-17

Xtreme Jerk
CRESTED BUTTE -- They have arrived. The Butte is bustling with ones you know you don't want to run into on the slopes. Strange prototype mountain bikes flow in and out of the perimeter. Pros of all disciplines are all over the place and the all the adrenaline is making me nervous. It's like anybody who walks by could be Jackie Chan, but you just don't recognize him. It doesn't help that everyone's wearing a helmet and you can't tell who's who. So now I walk around in fear of some aggro athlete that didn't make the cut bitch slapping me in angst. Not that I don't deserve it, but I'm not even putting on my boots because the slopes belong to the pros this weekend.

"I'm not even putting on my boots because the slopes belong to the pros this weekend...."

I hate dropping names, but the mountain disciplines have crossed here in Gunnison County Colorado and even when you've been to all the rodeos in Truckee, you haven't seen this circus. Palmer, Terje and McConkey to name a few boyz, Giove, Gannett and Dunn to name a few females to fear. All focused on presenting their style, free of fluff in the midst of this hip-hop TV show with every angle covered.

They even produced their own snow where there was none. Crested Butte is having some serious early season drought. Last year the games brought some 48" and locals are hoping the circus brings it back. Palmer is on the attack and his cross disipline body o' brute has told the powers that he is positioning to steal gold in Boarder X, Snow Mountain Bike, Snowcross (snowmobile racing), and Skier X. Have mercy.

Palmer's Game
The games have added women's Skier X, Skiing Big Air, Triple Air Skiboarding, and men's and women's Biker X snow mountain biking.

I was stepping on a bunch of toes this weekend in an attempt to bring you everything from Xtreme idiocy to bargin shoe shopping, Xtreme style! All live from behind the lines in the Butte. I've learned from previous years that nobody messes with me once I bust out my sleeveless v-neck sweater with whales and cyberdork glasses. Then by the end of the weekend I was spotted in the athlete parlor uploading near naked skier pictures. They also confirmed I was the same guy impersonating the Buildings Operation Technition and was tooling around on their snowmobiles all night. That's when I started impersonating a fishout of water with my "seziures" routine. They didn't fall for it, and pulled my pass before I could bring you the boarding Big Air, but I did manage to bring the truth behind the X with some of the other Xtreme silliness around town. Look deep within' for your favorite mountain adreaniline pastime with more pics than you can shake your snow stick(s) at.

Hans Prosl, Omnipresent and undercover for The Mountain Zone

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