Main Salmon River Rafting

mb-pine-creek-salmonPine Creek Rapids on a beautiful section of the Main

The Main Salmon is a 6-day float through seriously scenic country in central Idaho. The Salmon River is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 and covers almost 7,000 feet of vertical by the time it reaches the Snake River. The permitted section of the Main Salmon runs from Corn Creek to Vinegar Creek, taking you through the second deepest canyon in North America (Hells Canyon is the deepest). Huge white sand beaches and ponderosa pines flank the granite walls that funnel boaters through one of Idaho’s most classic stretches of whitewater. The fishing and hiking are both phenomenal throughout the route. The whitewater can be big during peak runoff in the spring, but the river is mostly class III to IV during more moderate flows.

Like the Middle Fork, permits for the Main Salmon are controlled through a lottery. For more info check out our Permit Lottery for Rafting Western Rivers 2017 Guide.


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