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Ouray, Colorado

Boxed in by the majestic San Juan Mountains, Ouray (elevation 7810 ft) sits at the bottom of a glacially carved valley. Prospectors established the town in the 1870s, but larger mining companies quickly came in and took over the gold mines, extracting over one million ounces of gold from the surrounding area.  Tourism has since taken over as the town’s primary economy. Commonly known as the “Switzerland of America,” Ouray is dominated by natural beauty. In the outdoor community, Ouray is best known as one of country’s ice climbing capitals. Ouray Ice Park – a pristine gorge, watered by a piping system to create perfect blue waterfall ice during the winter months – is a short walk from town. Beginner or expert, one certainly can’t dismiss the brilliance of being able to swing your tools in bullet-hard ice all day, then walk to a pub just 15 minutes away. Ouray’s famous hot springs are located north of town and boast 1,000,000 gallons of sulfur-free, pristine mineral water. Hot or cold, Ouray is a landmark Colorado destination.

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Featured Mountains in Ouray

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Whitehouse Mountain 13,510 ft (4,118 m)
Twin Peaks 10,873 ft (3,314 m)
Trico Peak 13,300 ft (4,054 m)
Sister Peak 10,282 ft (3,134 m)
Mount Sneffels 14,150 ft (4,313 m)
Miller Mesa 9,216 ft (2,809 m)
Hayden Mountain 13,215 ft (4,028 m)
Cascade Mountain 11,640 ft (3,548 m)
Baldy Peak 10,574 ft (3,223 m)
Abrams Mountain 12,812 ft (3,905 m)