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Leavenworth, Washington

If you woke up in Leavenworth, you might wonder how you ended up in Bavaria. The streets, storefronts, facades, restaurants, and beer halls are all modeled after Southern Germany’s cultural hub. Naturally, the town hosts a fabulous Oktoberfest that brings out all the lederhosen and dirndls in Chelan County. But the town is more than a German clone; it is an outdoor mecca. Climbers and boulderers frequent the Icicle Creek Valley and are constantly putting up new routes at new areas, conquering the massive wilderness around town. The Enchantments, one of the most coveted permitted areas in the NW, are within reach as well. For skiers, backcountry options make the most of the arid climate, and Stevens Pass and Mission Ridge have their own leg-burning options. Nordic is extremely popular in the area, and when the snow melts, mountain bikers fill the rugged trails. Leavenworth doesn’t need any gimmicks to attract adventurers, but I guess the opportunity to drink and eat your way through Bavaria doesn’t hurt.


  1. Stuart Range and The Enchantments

    Mount Stuart looks out over the Teanaway and Yakima River valleys in rural Kittitas County, Washington. From the summit, the views extend from Mt. Adams to Mt. Baker and practically every inner-Cascade range in between. Stu is one of the tallest non-volcanic peaks in the state at 9,415 feet and said to be a solid chunk […]

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Featured Mountains in Leavenworth

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Wedge Mountain 5,781 ft (1,762 m)
Tumwater Mountain 4,472 ft (1,363 m)
Prusik Peak 7,858 ft (2,395 m)
Mount Stuart 9,415 ft (2,870 m)
Enchantment Peak 8,520 ft (2,597 m)
Dragontail Peak 8,840 ft (2,694 m)
Chumstick Mountain 5,810 ft (1,771 m)
Cashmere Mountain 8,501 ft (2,591 m)
Cannon Mountain 8,638 ft (2,633 m)
Icicle Ridge 6,850 ft (2,088 m)