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Clans Of Skiers and Snowboarders Don't Care
Quarterpipe Session: Whistler, BC
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December 9, 1998

  • ListenFredrik Sterner Interview
  • 12/9: Quarterpipe Session
  • 12/10: Super G
  • 12/12: Halfpipe Finals
  • 12/13: Snowboard Cross

    Mig Fights
    This "Expression Session" had more to do with what colors were being worn than any World Cup action later this week. Few World Cup Freestylers could be seen participating in the revelry of the single hit. Method airs by skiers and snowboarders were prevalent today as well as some young skiers who have breathed fire back into their sport. It's a shame that the World Cup skiers weren't here to see the energy. No one here seemed to care.

    If you were part of a "hood" it was apparent. If not, it would be announced as you made your approach. I was part of the lone cyberdork clan. No one seemed to care.

    "I was part of the lone cyberdork clan. No one seemed to care..."

    The most well known affiliation was unquestionably the Canadian Air Force. These two plankers were pulling supreme height and even landing a few switch, obviously highly trained in long, laid out inversions, but showing stylie holds and hang time as well. These guys didn't invert as much, but again, no one seemed to care.

    The local Whistler clans roamed throughout. Trevor Andrew was absent, but Derek Heidt styled some methods and inversions for the folk. Maelle Ricker remained a witness only. The other pipe professionals must be saving themselves for Saturday, but no one seemed to care.

    The Seymour Kids (boarders) were boosting strong and united, displaying a proud kinship which proved a force to be reckoned with. They started tagging the quarterpipe in the second half. No one messed with them, no one cared.

    The day remained grey and spit down sleet stuff throughout. The hit itself looked symmetrical and vertical, but upon closer inspection there were the usual dents and blobs. Sure everyone is going to hit the lip on re-entry once, but too many a rider was sent behind the pipe and into the dark rubble pile. No one complained, no one cared.

    The only time anyone did seem to care was when the music stopped... "Like, bummer dude..." The commentators got forced out of their lift hut because the lifts had closed and the rest of the mountain was empty. Confusion prevailed, finals followed, but the winners remained anonymous. I know skier JP Auclair stretched above all for first. Dan Elliot showed consistency for second, and JF Cusson placed third. I don't know how because they were all wearing the same bib and the music was often louder than the announcer. But, it was AC/DC, so no one cared.

    The final tally was not a skiers verses snowboarders thang. It was an individual boost-fest where boarders battled boarders and skiers crossed with skiers. Daniel Migneault held huge methods for first. Dennis Bannock busted out sly inversions for second and Dave Melancom hit a huge 720 for third.

    Prizes, which were awarded to both ski and snowboard winners, were $3,000 for first; $1,500 for second; $750 for third and $500 for biggest air.

    Everyone headed to Mervins to unload their cash and continue frolicking. It was dusk, there was no light, the conditions got sketchier the further you descended...and no one seemed to care.

    Hans Prosl, not here to care for The Mountain Zone

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