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World Cup Dump in Whistler
Whistler BC, Canada
December 9-13, 1998

  • ListenFredrik Sterner Interview
  • Quarterpipe Session: Boosting Cash
  • 12/10: Super G: Fog Fiesta
  • 12/12: Halfpipe Finals
  • 12/13: Snowboard Cross

    Snowboard Cross
    Bustin' out of the pipe: Zach Horwitz (USA)
    Yes, World Cup snowboarding is back in Whistler and that can only mean one thing, powder. Last week's World Cup Skiing events were cancelled for the third consecutive year due to too much too early. So really fast foreign skiers could be seen blasting down some of the runs. Thankfully few knew just how good Harmony Chair was. Sure it was a complete white out and everything was perfectly phlatt, but I digress...

    The circus began in full swing this week beginning with the Quarterpipe Expression Session on Wednesday. Skiers and snowboarders boosted for Canuck bucks. Rumor had it that local boy Rahoul was looking to win on his monoski.

    Thursday is the Super G. You don't find racing amusing? How about Canadian rulers like Mark Fawcett and Jasey Jay Anderson? Ever heard of Ross Rebagliati? They defended Canada against the world. You know Canadians got pride, yo.

    Friday morning we weed out the weaklings in the trenches (halfpipe qualifiers). We're investigating reports that Canadian Trench Specialist JF Pelchat and his new training technique can supress the international community. Rumors of bib numbers being replaced with large rubber aprons have yet to be confirmed.

    Saturday is the bloodbath....ahhhh, I mean board-cross. This could be anything from a white out, powder puff, blind-man's bluff to a breakneck boardercross with crossovers from the Swatch, Kokanee, and Vans circuits, as well as the other racers and freestylers who just happen to be in town and looking to race.

    If all goes well, you'll be checking out pictures and sounds straight from slopeside until we're too delirious to code. If things go bad, all events will be cancelled because of too much snow and I'll get more powder days this week than you will all year.

    Hans Prosl, back to BC for The Mountain Zone

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