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Canada's Playahs Cross Boards on Blackcomb
Snowboard Cross: Whistler-Blackcomb, BC
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December 13, 1998

  • ListenFredrik Sterner Interview
  • 12/9: Quarterpipe Session
  • 12/10: Super G
  • 12/12: Halfpipe Finals
  • 12/13: Snowboard Cross

    Snowboard Cross
    Cluster Cross
    Today's boardercross on Blackcomb was busted up by a big slew of Canadian competitors who had seen their share of wins go south this weekend. Today was payback time, home-style.

    The international snow circus combined 31 Canadians conniving, 12 Austrians angling, nine Swedes sticking, six Americans sucking, five I-talians fondling, four Frenchies fronting, three Koreans a-kickin', two Czechs a chewing and a hairy Greek man in hard boots.

    Maelle Ricker
    Maelle Ricker (CAN)
    The young and benign Maelle Ricker (CAN) sustained her composure throughout all the angling to take first with a couple angry Austrians on her tail. Ricker didn't seem overly excited with herself at the win. She placed 5th in yesterday's halfpipe. "I've never raced against a lot of those FIS girls," she said nonchalantly. "Some of these FIS girls are the best Europe has to offer."

    Scott Gaffney
    Scott Gaffney (CAN)
    A few local favorites like Darren Chalmers and Alison Clark were knocked out by other Canadians pushing the homeslope in boardercross today.

    The men's race was all Canada. A complete sweep thanks in part to a new Canadian squad of "Playahs." This strictly boardercross team has apparently been doing its homework well and showed that you can train for boardercross and win. Okay...so it helps when it's your home mountain. Scott Gaffney won by forcing fellow Canadians Ben Wainwright and Mathieu Morency to battle each other for second and third respectively.

    Ben Wainwright
    Ben Wainwright (CAN)
    The international, cross platform free-for-all combined well with a howling, blinding, rolling course lined with bumping and jumping spectators. Most failed to keep warm and instinct told them to go seek shelter. Then there was the fruity few like myself who don't know any better. I stayed until both cameras, goggles and fingers froze to complete uselessness. Now I'm forced to type this with the knuckles of my five little monkey appendages.

    — Hans Prosl, de-evolving for The Mountain Zones

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