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Bouldering in Torre Del Paine
Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Doug Stoup
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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Hi, this is Doug Stoup on 11/24/99, giving you the update for the Antarctica '99 Ski and Snowboard Expedition. We are currently at Torre Del Paine National Park...beautiful park...nice clean, grass campsite. They run about four dollars US — very well kept.

We hiked today to the top of Torre Del Paine Towers, the three towers, did some bouldering, some boulder problems. We ran into a friend from Exum Mountain Guides. The rock that we climbed was crystal, clean white granite. We hiked a total of 22 kilometers (13.2 miles).

The team had a great day, we're in great spirits...lots of exercise. It was the first day of really big activity. Our temperature is 59 degrees wind speed it five miles an hour coming out of the WNW; wind chill, 59 degrees barometric pressure, 29.92 and falling; elevation, 480 feet; elevation climbed, 3,300 feet; hours of daylight, 19 hours. Full moon last night — beautiful.

We're at Torre Del Paine National Park campsite. Team condition is tired, happy, but we're all healthy. And have a great Thanksgiving, and we'll call tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

Doug Stoup, correspondent


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