Mount Vinson Massif Expedition -- January 1997
Hear the calls from Antarctica
As the Alpine Ascents International team attempts to climb Mount Vinson Massif, its guide, Todd Burleson, will use a satellite phone to periodically call The Mountain Zone and let us know how it's going. Watch this page for audio and text updates on the team as they call from the highest mountain in Antarctica to chat about the weather.

Satellite-Phone Update from Punta Arenas
From South America, Burleson Recalls the Cold, Fast Ascent of Vinson
Thursday, January 9, 1997 -- 10:38 am PST

HEAR the call from Todd Burleson in South America:

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Calling over satellite telephone Friday night, 8pm PST, guide Todd Burleson reported that the whole Alpine Ascents International team had safely arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile narrowly missing a storm that could have grounded them in Antarctica for another week. Their successful climb of Mount Vinson was the fastest of the four expeditions Burleson has lead on the mountain.

Good weather and constant daylight allowed the team to move quickly, says Burleson, but when the sun dipped behind a mountain peak, temperatures would drop 40 to 50 degrees forcing them to set up tents. With camps at 9,000', 10,000', and 12,500', all six of the climbers summitted the highest peak in Antarctica. Burleson describes Mount Vinson as a cross between the Himalaya and McKinley -- marked by the extreme vastness of the surroundings.

The team made a fast descent to Patriot Hills and caught a C-130 that just beat a huge incoming storm. They arrived safely in Punta Arenas at about 6am Friday.

Archived Updates
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Latest Update
Fri, 1/10/97, 8pm PST

Expedition team is back in South America; guide Todd Burleson talks about the fast ascent and extreme cold.

Update #3
Thurs, 1/9/97, 11am PST

After returning from the summit, the team waits to see if their plane can get to them through the building storm.

Update #2
Mon, 1/6/97, 3pm PST

All climbers are at Camp III and are poised for a summit bid on Tuesday.

Update #1
Mon, 1/6/97, 8am PST

The team has a hair-raising but safe arrival at Patriot Hills.

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