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Torre Del Paine
Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Mark Sicola

Today we went for a hike up to Torre Del Paine...we had some amazing views of Torre Del Paine and the huge towers. Everyone is in great spirits. Also did some great climbing and bouldering with Newcomb and Coombs setting the routes. It's been really windy but very nice... doesn't get dark 'til 10pm or so. The down days have been great, we tested all the stoves, reconfigured the menu for down on the ice and tried out some of the food that we bought for Antarctica.

The Team
As far as Wally Berg goes, I thought that one of the girls from ANI said he had just gotten down to the ice when we arrived on Sunday. So other than that... who knows. We could start a where's Wally...isn't that a game? Doug will be giving you a call today with an update as to weather, how far we hiked and altitude etc. It will be a great test call. Haven't gotten the Iridium back yet...but when we left to come up here, Lan Chile called and said that it was on the way to Punta Arenas.


Mark Sicola, Correspondent


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