Photo Essay

Life at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon: 25 Days in Winter

Mile 11.3: Staring hopefully down the Colorado River at Soap Creek camp – the first night spent on our epic 25 day trip down the Grand Canyon. Here, the rock formation is the red Hermit Shale, a crumbly terrace-forming unit that would later be thousands of feet above us.   Mile 33: A view from […]

Rewarded for the Climb: Reflections of a Skier’s Spirit

A wild view rewards the climber who summits iconic Whitehorse Mountain. Three Fingers and the surrounding slopes shine with fresh snow in the sharp mid-winter light – an invitation for the ambitious. Darrington, WA   Beau Fredlund carves his signature turn through seracs on the upper Tasman Glacier in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. […]