1999 World Cup Mountain Biking
Big Bear Lake
June 26-27, 1999

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Cross Country Mountain Biking

Cross Country Mountain Biking

Racers Going For Big B-Air
Season's Only Combined, DH, DS, XC Race
Big Bear Lake, CA - June 26-27, 1999

  • DH: American Downhillers Topple France
  • Dual: Lopes and Miller Again
  • XC: Volvo Cannondale Wins Big
  • VIDEO: Interviews from the Winner's Circle

    Big Bear World Cup Mountain Biking Big B-Air
    Welcome to the hottest mountain bike racing action of 1999, and hold on to your hats because the Diesel/UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, for the only time this season, is holding a cross-country, downhill and dual race in one venue, in one weekend. Due to two relocated races; Atlanta's XC and Seattle's DH race, the stage has been set for an exciting — and hectic — double race... just like back in the day. It's all this weekend, and it's all live here on MountainZone.com

    For the first time ever, the UCI is holding a cross-country race in Southern California and, for added fun, have added a downhill event at the same time in these warm So Cal mountains. What better place to host the season's biggest mountain bike race then the tried and true Snow Summit, on the shores of Big Bear Lake?

    "All of the world's best are here, from XC honchos Cadel Evans and Alison Sydor to DH rock-stars Nicolas Vouilloz and Anne-Caroline Chausson..."

    The entire industry made its way up the mountain this week, setting up their tech trucks and checking into their lodging, while organizers from Team Big Bear and Round and Round taped off the XC and DH courses, awaiting the weekend's crowds. You can feel it in the thin mountain air there's some huge racing afoot.

    The weather is gorgeous in the San Bernadino mountains, located just a couple hours from Los Angeles. All of the world's best are here, from XC honchos Cadel Evans and Alison Sydor to DH rock-stars Nicolas Vouilloz and Anne-Caroline Chausson. They're all here to take stock of their mid-season points and, after a long break from action, make the final push for the season's crystal globe trophy.

    The XC course is typically American, throwing a tough high-altitude course in the face of the sea level-loving Euros... not since Vail '97 have U.S. riders had such a good shot at the podium. For XC racing, riders will head straight up the face of the dusty dry mountain, situated at a base elevation of nearly 7,000 feet, enjoying a twisting singletrack descent back down for a lap length of 5.2 miles.

    The downhill course is steep, short and, according to several top pros, not so great. Upon first inspection this course, similar to last year's WC track, it seems somewhat ill-conceived. It has the elements, but drops over too many water bars, ditches, off-camber turns and impossibly loose, dusty descents. We predict some injuries here...

    The schedule for the weekend is simple: Downhill and Dual action on Saturday, Cross-Country racing Sunday. We'll be posting photos, interviews, results and detailed stories all weekend, so check back often for the latest news. It's just like being here, but without all the dust.

    MountainZone.com reporters, warming up their laptops in Big Bear

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