Skagit County Mountains, Washington

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Featured Mountains in Skagit County

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Mount Logan 9,087 ft (2,770 m)
Dome Peak 8,920 ft (2,719 m)
Boston Peak 8,894 ft (2,711 m)
Eldorado Peak 8,868 ft (2,703 m)
Forbidden Peak 8,815 ft (2,687 m)
Mesahchie Peak 8,795 ft (2,681 m)
Kimtah Peak 8,600 ft (2,621 m)
Katsuk Peak 8,580 ft (2,615 m)
Primus Peak 8,508 ft (2,593 m)
Klawatti Peak 8,485 ft (2,586 m)

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Skagit County, Washington is home to 151 summits, ridges, ranges, trails and other mountain features. Click on the pins on the map to see the name and a link to more information about that place. Above you’ll also see links to pages with maps of all the different features in Skagit County.