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Mountain Approx. Elevation
Mauna Kea (State High Point) 13,803 ft (4,207 m)
Mauna Loa 13,679 ft (4,169 m)
Puuulaula 10,023 ft (3,055 m)
Hanakauhi 8,878 ft (2,706 m)
Haleakala 8,209 ft (2,502 m)
Sliding Sands Trail 7,484 ft (2,281 m)
Polipoli 6,434 ft (1,961 m)
Pu’u Kukui 5,788 ft (1,764 m)
Kawaikini 5,226 ft (1,593 m)
Waialeale 5,243 ft (1,598 m)

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Hawaii has many mountains, peaks, and hills within its borders. Above you will find an interactive map with pins for all of these summits. Just zoom in to see their specific location in Hawaii. You’ll also find a list of Hawaii counties, from Hawaii County to Maui County. Each one links to a page with a map specific for that Hawaii region. In the Featured Mountains list you will find the highest point in the state and other significant summits and ranges of Hawaii.