Mountain Biking

One Year of Adventure in Park City, Utah

Sunrise above Park City I take a bite then watch as a red bead of chili oil squeezes through the folds of my tightly wrapped burrito; it’s that moment we all know and dread. The oil free-falls in slow motion, landing just to the right of my crotch zipper. Shit. But before I can reach […]

The eMTB Controversy: eBikes Should Be Allowed On Mountain Bike Trails

This is the first part in a series of articles delving into the controversy surrounding eMTBs and their use on mountain bike trails. Read Part 2. Electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) are relatively new on the scene and mountain bikers are freaking out. “They shouldn’t be allowed on our trails.” “They are going to ruin the […]

SoCal From Three Bikes, One Cyclist, Over Three Years – Part II

Read Part I – Gibraltar: The Solo Climb if you missed last week’s installment.  Sycamore Canyon: On the Heels of Greats The approach to Sycamore Canyon Southern California – specifically, a little park off the coast between Ventura and Malibu – isn’t where you’d assume the great mountain biking happens. But Sycamore Canyon in Point Mugu State Park […]

SoCal From Three Bikes, One Cyclist, Over Three Years – Part I

Southern California calls to mind palm trees, beaches, Hollywood Boulevard, and juice cleanses. At its most athletic, one might picture celebrity-studded hikes in Topanga Canyon or pull-ups on the rings at Muscle Beach in Venice, surrounded by jocks with biceps bigger than a cyclist’s waist. But if you pan out, you’ll notice that the landscape […]

Mountain Biking Mount Si

Every “outdoor enthusiast” in the Seattle region knows about Mount Si. It’s considered a rite of passage in these parts. Everyone also knows that Mount Si is a hiker-only trail and that mountain bikes are seriously verboten. Besides, who would want to bike up that steep trail with all the roots, rocks, and hikers? Well, […]