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Petzl Zoom Headlamps
Important at All Climbs

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Headlamps are one of those items that is crucial to have with you at all climbs. I can not tell you how many times I have gone on a climb positive that I'd be back at the car well before dark, left my headlamp in the car and ended up in very gnarly descents. I am personally a huge fan of Petzl headlamps, they are both very functional and durable.

Petzl headlamps have been around longer than I can remember. They are the baseline for all other headlamps on the market. The most popular headlamp from Petzl is the Zoom.

The Zoom headlamp is a very simple unit. A large battery pack in the back and the reflector in the front, connected by an elastic band that goes around your head and across the top. The battery pack is large enough for a 4.5v flat battery, or with an adapter you can use three "AA" batteries. The battery pack is made from a soft plastic that is very durable. The battery case is water-resistant; you do however need to wash the unit if you've used it around salt water as the connections like to corrode.

On the backside of the reflector you will find a spare bulb. The unit turns on and off by turning the main reflector clockwise or counter clockwise. When you do this you will notice that the beam can be focused. The headlamp fits very well with most climbing helmets on the market and if it does not fit, more than likely you can purchase clips called crochlamps. As for accessories you can purchase recharge kits or any spare part from an authorized Petzl dealer.

Word for the wise. Always remember to disconnect the battery terminals before you pack away your headlamp. All headlamps are notorious for turning on inside a pack. You do not want to end up with a bunch of dead batteries.

The Fine Print
Weight: 200g. (w/o batteries)
Price: SRP $38.00

  • 3 "AA" batteries and standard bulb: 7 hours
  • 4.5v flat battery and standard bulb: 15 hours
    (Times will vary dependent on outside temperature.)

    — Patrick Cook, Alpine Ascents International Gear Manager

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