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Unparalleled Unparalleled
A Journey from the Roots of Telemark Skiing

Josh "Bones" Murphy, of Unparalleled Productions in Lake Tahoe, California, wants to tell the story of telemark skiing — about its Norwegian past, its wool and leather reputation, and its hard-boot, high tech future.

Big Stone Big Stone
by Bomb Proof Productions

Until now, the only video that delved into the world of big wall freeclimbing was Lynn Hill's The Nose, a documentary of her two year-odyssey of freeing The Nose route on El Capitan. Now, with Big Stone,we have another full slice of big wall freeclimbing.

1999 1999
by Scott Gaffney Productions

With 1999, Gaffney loads up the potato gun and takes aim at ski movie hype, the new school scene, goofy equipment fads, his own cast, himself and anything else he can think of.

Banff Mountain Film Festival
sponsored by is pleased to sponsor the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Banff Mountain Book Festival. Check out the overview of festival events, things to do in Banff, a comprehensive list of nominated books and films, plus real time results of festival winners.

Higher on the Mountain Higher on the Mountain
by Straight Up Films

Higher on the Mountain is a ski documentary that asks today's hard-core athletes, "Why do you do what you do?" What makes this film different is the focus on the athletes as people and the passions that drive their lives.

Fifty by Warren Miller Films
For the fiftieth year in a row, Warren Miller walked on stage this week in Portland, OR, to welcome a hungry audience to his latest ski show. They came in droves to watch the world's best skiers ripping, wiping out and hamming it up from exotic winter locations around the world. The culmination of 15 months of filming, along with 50 year's worth of footage, yielded the latest project from Warren Miller Films, aptly titled Fifty.

Global Storming Global Storming by Matchstick Productions
In the latest film by Matchstick Productions, Steve Winter and Murray Wais remind us that the last winter of the second millennium was "bigger than we ever imagined." So befitting is the title, "Global Storming," but the title doesn't only refer to the weather.

Teton Gravity Research The REALM by Teton Gravity Research
It was the day of the premiere, and the TGR office was going crazy. A few short hours before the show, Dirk Collins, Steve Jones and Todd Jones were deep in the annals of the editing room adding the finishing touches to their latest film, The REALM.

Mockumentary Mervin: The Mockumentary
by Mervin Manufacturing

At the Mervin: The Mockumentary premiere in Seattle, the feeling of summer-induced snow withdrawal saturated the room. Filmgoers in the packed house were salivating like a bunch of dogs as they watched scenes from last year's epic snow season. Jamie Lynn summed it up, "I was enjoying the season and riding with my friends. The filming was really secondary."

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