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The REALM by Teton Gravity Research

Teton Gravity Research
Les Deux Philippes at the film premiere
(Où est le tiers?)
Photo: Brian Levin
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Premiere
Is the tram ready to open for another season of powder? Not quite yet, it's only September, and the presence of these athletes can mean only one thing... the world premiere of the newest Teton Gravity Research film, The REALM.

Jackson Hole had come alive and you could feel the anticipation of opening day in the air. The best freeskiers in the world came together for this momentous occasion — the guest list reading like a who's who of freeskiing...Jonny Moseley, Tommy Moe, Dave Swanwick, Glen Plake, Gordy Peifer, Jeremy Nobis, Micah Black, and the ski marketer's dream, Les Trois Philippes. These young acrobatic Québecois are certainly a force to be reckoned with, especially since deux of the trois have recovered from injuries. These three skiers not only share the same name, but also seem to be attached at the hip. And let us not forget the snowboarding representation, Adam Hostetter, Julie Zell, and Jeremy Jones. It's so nice to see skiers and boarders living in harmony!

"The highlight of the movie was when Shannon Schad threw a ridiculous double cliff drop in Jackson near Tram Tower 4. I haven't been that fired up since Rocky knocked out Mr. T..."

It's the day of the premiere and the TGR office is going crazy. This year, the crew upgraded its digs to an office in Teton Village, right next to the tram dock (easy access baby!!). John K. is the film tour coordinator, and he is the one who must make order out of chaos. Deep in the annals of the editing room, Dirk Collins, Steve Jones, and Todd Jones are putting the finishing touches on the movie which will premiere in just a few short hours.

Finally, someone gets the great idea of leaving the boys to do their work, so we, all 30 of us, embark on a group mountain bike fest throughout Jackson. It was a great way to get psyched up for the movie, and we got a few strange looks from bystanders when they saw our huge posse! I could get used to this lifestyle.

Before the show, we enjoyed several cold ones, courtesy of Kokanee, and the only topic of conversation was the upcoming show and how much fun was involved in making the film. It was now time to see if The REALM could live up to the hype.

With 1,000 people in attendance, and only 800 seats in the Teton Village auditorium, the place to be was sitting on the floor in the front row. After the intro of the athletes, and a big swag-throwing fest, Corey Gavin thanked the sponsors, and let the games begin. The room was silent when the movie came on and it was followed by thunderous, well-deserved applause.

"The big challenge was to get the obviously underage Trois Philippes into the bar. The solution — hide them behind Glen Plake's mohawk."

The REALM is definitely the best of the fantastic collection of TGR movies. The locations include Fernie, B.C.; Niseko, Japan; Jackson Hole, Wyoming and a sick trip to Sortland, Norway. Of course, no TGR movie would be complete without the mandatory Alaska segments. Toss in a little park hucking in Whistler with Les Trois Philippes, and you can see why these guys will be big.

The highlight of the movie was when Shannon Schad threw a ridiculous double cliff drop in Jackson near Tram Tower 4. I haven't been that fired up since Rocky knocked out Mr. T. What made it even more crazy was the fact that Schad had never been to Jackson before that day.

After the movie, it was time for some partying, Mangy Moose-style. The big challenge was to get the obviously underaged Trois Philippes into the bar. The solution: hide them behind Glen Plake's mohawk. Worked like a charm. Unfortunately, due to a large infusion of Red Bull and Jägermeister, the rest of the night is a little blurry to me, but the bottom line is... See The REALM. I can't think of a better way to get ready for the upcoming season!

Brian Levin, rewinding the tape as we speak, for

The Realm Videos fill those long, painful months when the sunshine has gone away and it has not yet been replaced by any white stuff. In fact, this video might just be the only thing that gets you through the fall. Think of it this way: you can either watch videos every day until the snow falls, and then go run around in the rain, or you can spent the whole day inside, jumping around your bedroom with your board(s) strapped to you feet. The second option presents a very high rug-burn potential. Don't do something you'll regret. Check out this vid.

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