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A Journey from the Roots of Telemark Skiing

by Unparalleled Productions


Photo: Chase Jarvis
Josh "Bones" Murphy, of Lake Tahoe's Unparalleled Productions, wants to tell the story of telemark skiing — about its Norwegian past, its wool and leather reputation, and its hard-boot, high tech future.

"Nobody has been showing what's happening in the sport," Murphy said via telephone after coming inside from a backcountry ski outing in the Sierra mountains. "Telemark isn't any better than skiing and snowboarding — I used to race in freestyle and gates — it's just a really wonderful alternative. There is so much happening in the sport, and I don't think most people know that, so I want to open people's eyes."

Unparalleled Productions, in conjunction with K2 Skis, will produce the first film documenting and defining the recent advancements in the sport of telemark skiing. Unparalleled: A Journey from the Roots of Telemark Skiing will highlight the excitement of telemark skiing, illustrate its potential and showcase the cutting edge technique and style of today's telemark skiers.

Through this film, Murphy hopes to educate and inspire those who have dabbled in the sport in the past, deny it in the present, or who are determined to continue it in the future.

The project is a collaborative effort by some of the foremost telemark skiers. It will combine the talents of three-time National Telemark Champion and founder of "Ultimate Groove" women's telemark clinic, Heather Paul; Director of K2 Telemark and extreme skiing pioneer, Mike Hattrup; 1999 Telemark Freeskiing Champion, Scott Murray; Canadian National Team member and World Cup racer, Paula Steinheber; Swedish freeskier, Oscar Tjarnberg; Norwegian freeskier and member of Team Volkl, Frode Gronvold; Eastern National Telemark Mogul champion, Murphy; and other free heelers.

According to Murphy, the experience and enthusiasm of these skiers will infuse a new perspective into the future direction of the sport and provide a solid representation of the personalities driving it.

Murphy says the film will combine video and film with historic footage, exploring telemark's history, roots and future. On-location shots are planned from Norway to Alaska, seeking the humble beginnings of the sport and showcase how its very limits are being tested by big mountain riding.

"It's been an unbelievable snow year in Norway, we might be able to ski in the fjordlands," said Murphy.

Keep your eyes out for this one next fall.

Michelle Quigley, Staff

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