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Caldwell on Hydrophobia, picture by Nick Sagar
Caldwell, Sharma and Linder Pull Hard
Updated April 10, 2000

Sharma does yet another hard boulder problem at the Buttermilks, Linder redpoints possible 14c at Mount Potasi and Caldwell flashes Hydrophobia in Spain.

Will Gadd
Gadd and Csizmazia Ice the World Cup
April 10, 2000

Canadians Will Gadd and Kim Csizmazia topped an elite field of European ice climbers to take the inaugural World Cup Ice Climbing series.

Sport Climber Jason Campbell
Jason Campbell Sends 5.14c
February 9, 2000

On February 8, Jason Campbell became the third American to redpoint a confirmed 5.14c, when he achieved the third ascent of Necessary Evil in Arizona's Virgin River Gorge.

Brown and Sharma Take Bouldering Comp
February 7, 2000

Top climbers from around the country, including Chris Sharma, Tommy Caldwell, Katie Brown and Jason and Tiffany Campbell recently competed in the Wasatch Open Bouldering Competition at the Wasatch Front Rock Gym.

News Brief: Katie Brown Flashes 5.14a
updated January 28, 2000, New Picture!

Sport Climber Katie Brown
In mid-October, Katie Brown became the first woman to flash a 5.14a sport route after climbing Hydrophobia at Mont Sant, Spain. After receiving information on how to do the crux of the route, Brown sent it on her first try.

"What I witnessed that day was truly astonishing," said photographer and climber Jorge Visser. "She had to improvise on some of my beta since I am nine inches taller and she completely blew past the key rest two-thirds up the route that makes the remainder of the climb, which is the pump crux, reasonable."

Some climbers, including one of Spain's top climbers, Daniel Andrada, say the route is 5.13d, so there is not a clear consensus on the grade of the route. Should the grade hold, not only is it Brown's first 5.14a flash, it is her first 5.14a ever.

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