Forbidden Towers
Forbidden Towers
Forbidden Towers Forbidden Towers
Forbidden Towers Forbidden Towers
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Forbidden Towers
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Last Week in Nangmah
Islamabad, Pakistan - Wednesday, August 9, 2000

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Forbidden Towers

Forbidden Towers
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We spent the last week in the Nangmah Valley hanging out with Nils Davis, Todd Offenbacher and Sean Isaac. Although very little climbing happened, we all had a great time exploring future objectives, talking shop and eating lamb.

The Nangmah holds several expeditions worth of granite towers and alpine objectives. Amin Brakk is a beautiful giant tower, but the lower half is totally blank. There would be a lot of drilling involved.

Just before we arrived, Carlos Buhler and a team of Russians backed off of it, probably due to their distaste for drilling up a wall. And, while we were there, a Spanish team that had been plugging away for 30 days also backed off. Amin Brakk has still seen only one ascent. If you are considering Amin, bring a lot of drill bits and a lot of patience.

The day Brady and I left, Todd, Nils and Sean were blasting off to finish their new route on Satulpa Spire. They had a few lines fixed and were looking to finish the spire in a few days.

Jimmy Chin, Correspondent

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