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Team Bios
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Dave Anderson
Age: 35

Forbidden Towers Dave Anderson is a climbing guide and National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) instructor based out of Lander, Wyoming. Anderson is a very strong rock climber, having led every pitch, in a day, of the Original Route (Grade V, 5.12b) on Red Rocks' Rainbow Wall, as well as the Rostrum (Grade IV, 5.11c) and Astroman (Grade V, 5.11c) in Yosemite. He has also climbed in Alaska, India and Ecuador. This is his first expedition to Pakistan.  

Jimmy Chin
Age: 26

Forbidden Towers A climber, writer and photographer, Jimmy Chin hails from Jackson, Wyoming, where he also works as a NOLS instructor and climbing guide. Last year, Chin took his big wall climbing skills, honed in the crucible of Yosemite, to the towers of the Charakusa Valley in Pakistan, where he did the first ascents of the North Face of Fatki Brakk (Grade VI, 5.10 A3) and the East Face of Beatrice Tower (Grade VI, 5.10+ A3). Jimmy is the organizer of the Forbidden Towers Expedition and worked for almost attaining permission to enter the Kondus.

Steph Davis
Age: 28

Forbidden Towers Steph Davis is recognized as one of America's premier adventure rock climbers. When she's not living in the back of her truck and climbing throughout the western U.S., Davis seeks out big wall granite in remote locations throughout the world. She has climbed walls in Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Patagonia and on Baffin Island. A talented free climber, she has redpointed Ruby's Cafe (5.13) and soloed 5.11 cracks, all in Utah's Indian Creek Valley, and climbed the regular route on Half Dome in only 3.5 hours with partner Dean Potter.

Brady Robinson
Age: 28

Forbidden Towers A climbing guide and NOLS instructor based out of Lander, Wyoming, Robinson has quietly put together a strong alpine big wall resumé. Robinson spent the summer of 1999 in the Charakusa Valley, where he knocked off the first ascent of the Tavis Route on Parhat Brakk (Grade VI, 5.11 A3), as well as the first ascent of the North Face of Fathi Brakk with Jimmy Chin. From there, he journeyed to Patagonia, where he and Ben Gilmore climbed a new route on the North Pillar of Fitzroy that they dubbed Diedro Directo (Grade VI, 5.9 A3).

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