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Park City, Utah

High in the Wasatch Mountains above the inversion that congests “Smog Lake City,” lies Park City, Utah, home to the illustrious Sundance Film Festival, a US Olympic training facility, numerous Olympians and professional athletes, and three massive, interconnected, high-end ski areas. In the mid-90s, Park City was already an international ski destination, but the city wanted more – to host the Winter Olympic Games. Under consideration for future games, the taxpayers of Utah spent 26 million dollars on the Olympic Park and millions more on highway infrastructure upgrades to handle the traffic. They were awarded the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and in the following years, Park City was crowned a veritable training ground for future Olympians due to the facilities, access, and strong outdoor culture of its permanent residents. From town, you can walk to the nearest chairlift just as easily as you can hop on the miles of trails that head into the Wasatch. The unbelievable access nurtures a multi-season, egalitarian adventure. It doesn’t matter if you are staying at the St. Regis Deer Valley, in an Airbnb-ed bunk bed, or in your Honda Civic, Park City will keep you fueled up with plenty to do.

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Featured Mountains in Park City

Mountain Approx. Elevation
Treasure Hill 8,248 ft (2,514 m)
Scott Hill 10,049 ft (3,063 m)
Quarry Mountain 7,408 ft (2,258 m)
Murdock Peak 9,580 ft (2,920 m)
Jupiter Hill 9,980 ft (3,042 m)
Iron Mountain 8,996 ft (2,742 m)
Flagstaff Mountain 9,180 ft (2,798 m)
Bald Mountain 9,331 ft (2,844 m)
Bald Eagle Mountain 8,471 ft (2,582 m)