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Julian, California

The town of Julian has a golden history, even earning it recognition as a  California Historic Landmark because of its role as hub during the late-1800s gold rush. Nowadays, this Southern California gem is known more for its rustic charm, apple orchards, access to the surrounding mountains, and proximity to the beautiful Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Julian is also home to the California Wolf Center – a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation and recovery effort of wild wolves in the US. The center houses numerous species and focuses on education and research to bolster its cause. With access to the Anza-Borrego, Southern California’s few mountains, and tons of hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and cycling, Julian offers a welcome relief from the socal suburban sprawl.

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Featured Mountains in Julian

Mountain Approx. Elevation
San Ysidro Mountain 6,132 ft (1,869 m)
Oakzanita Peak 5,020 ft (1,530 m)
Hot Springs Mountain 6,526 ft (1,989 m)
Granite Mountain 5,613 ft (1,711 m)
Cuyamaca Peak 6,489 ft (1,978 m)
Black Mountain 3,983 ft (1,214 m)
Palomar Mountain 6,135 ft (1,870 m)
Volcan Mountains 5,709 ft (1,740 m)