2000 Event Schedule

Last Extremes of the Century
Athletes got their op to drop air and ride the big mountains at the 1999 World Extreme Skiing Championships outside of Valdez, AK.

Andermatt Big Mountain Rush
Jeff Holden and Francine Moreillon came out on top. Full results.

US Freeskiing Nationals
It was a bluebird day with nothing but powder for the finals. Shane McConkey's mom showed up at the quals (not just to watch, but to ski) while Jennifer Berg and Will Burks ripped it on High Baldy Peak to win the second stop of the tour in Snowbird, Utah.

Canadian Freeskiing Championships
Jeff Holden is the freeskiing King of Canada and Linda Peterson won the women's title (and left in a sled). On the final day, all we can say is that people went off.

Going Big Around the World
Freeskiing competition is going huge this year with six stops on the World Tour: Las Leñas (no snow, no contest), Whistler, Chamonix, Andermatt, Snowbird and Valdez. Prepare yourselves for awesome coverage and pics. Meanwhile, check out video from the '98 World Extremes and last year's cybercasts from Valdez, AK and the Canadian Freeskiing Championships.

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