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The Word From the Boys
Sunday, December 05, 1999

Mark Sicola
I just got off the phone with expedition leader Doug Stoup, and they are sitting out a storm that has currently dropped about 18" of fresh snow. They are staying at Camp II and yesterday Stephen Koch masterfully completed a first descent of an extremely narrow and steep couloir which he named "OKOB," "okay, out of bounds," for the opening of the new Jackson Hole skiing terrain. The rest of the boys skied a 800-foot route to celebrate opening day at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their campsite has been pretty buffed out: a new snow kitchen and a pull-up bar! They seem to be in great spirits are going to make Camp II their main camp to base out of. Its been snowing their for three days straight.

Today, they will head down to Vinson Base and get the rest of their supplies to bring back up to Camp II. Doug sounds great and all the guys were happy to hear that their loved ones had sent some emails saying hello and sending their love. Doug Stoup said they have been keeping odd hours....up at 2pm or 3pm and going till early in the morning.

It's dismal here at Patriot Hills, snowing with little visibility and no horizon. It's been about 5 to 10°F in my tent at night, but quite nice in the dining tent! I think I'm getting fat! Other than that, I'm doing my best to stay in contact with the guys up on the mountain. My satellite phone doesn't work here... a nice surprise. We're too far south! Fortunately, there is a sat phone here I can use when they have excess power. So emailing is at a very minimum... updates and an occasional pic! Until next time....

Mark Sicola , Correspondent


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