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Two New Couloirs
Saturday, December 04, 1999: Daily Stats

Doug Stoup
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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Hey Mountain Zone, this is Doug Stoup for the 1999 Ski and Snowboard Expedition with our second update for [Unintelligible] 1999. After Mark's update this morning, we went out and skied two couloirs, one's about 1,000 feet and the other one's about 800 feet in length. We named them after Jackson Hole's opening day, one couloir being named "Opening Day" and the other one being named "I'll Be Okay."

From the top of the couloir [Unintelligible] peak that sticks out of the ice, it was the perfect shape of a pyramid and it was about 2,000 feet high. Coombs claims it could be one of the secrets to the universe.

And our forecast is unfortunately for somewhat bad weather for the next 24 hours.We have some new neighbors here at Camp, the British climbing group moved up and has joined us at Camp II. And if the weather's bad tomorrow, we're probably going to ski back down to Camp I — or actually Base Camp, and get some more food an fuel and [Unintelligible] and stuff like that. If it's semi-nice we're going to push on to Camp III and stay there and prepare for our summit bid. Alright, over and out. Later.

Doug Stoup, Correspondent


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