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Packing and Re-Packing
Saturday, November 27, 1999

Dirk Collins
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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How is it going? This is Dirk with the Antarctica Ski and Snowboard Expedition. The date is November 27th and it is 21:00 hours. First the weather, for 11/27. Temp. 50 degrees, wind/speed direction eight miles an hour out of the northeast, a calm day. Wind chill 45 degrees, barometric pressure 29.95, elevation a mere 50 feet, elevation climbed today is 0, hours of sunlight 17.8 hours. Our location is Punta Arenas, and the team condition is excellent.

Comments for the day would be packing, basically re-going through, going through all our food. Got some new food for up high. Spent the day going through gear preparing for our flight, which now has been pushed back a few more days until Tuesday. We went through all our gear and re-packed. We have to wear a lot of our gear on the plane, all the gear we're going to be wearing when we get off in Antarctica. Such as down, ski clothes, Gore-Tex, etc.

This afternoon we went out and saw a slide show presentation at ANI, and they went through all the plane restrictions and such, and the slide show was great. We saw a bunch of penguins, and went through some slides on Vinson, it looked incredible. Afterwards, we went and did some shopping, got some nice wool products at very cheap prices, and right now, we are having some wine and cheese before we go to dinner, and going to check out some night life in the town of Punta Arenas this evening since it's Friday night. So, alright, have a good one. See-ya.

Dirk Collins, Correspondent


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