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No Mas Potatoes
Friday, November 26, 1999

Mark Sicola

Today we're leaving Torre Del Paine National Park. Last night we had Thanksgiving dinner at the lodge in the park. It was first class all the way: lamb, beef, chicken, stuffed zucchini and too many others to mention! The desserts were enough that we didn't go back for seconds, but a few of the guys were told that they couldn't come back for more potatoes, they were shut down at the buffet!

Valley Français
It rained a bit this morning then cleared up for an amazing view of Torre del Paine and Valley Français. We got some great photos and are heading back to Punta Arenas to await the arrival of a new camera (for possible aerial footage) and to await a clear sign of weather so that we can jump on that C-130 and get down there. All the guys are looking forward to getting down on the ice.

All the equipment, gear, and food have been checked and double checked. Everyone is in good spirits, we're all a bit tired and dusty: the van we rented has a hole in the floor somewhere and on all the dirt roads, the car fills with dust. I'm in Porto Notales at a little cafe with internet's quite small...three computers! Well, I'm gonna sign off and I'll let ya know when we're heading out. 'Til next time...

Mark Sicola, Correspondent


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