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Dispatch: Summit was the Extra Shine
San Juan Capistrano, CA - Tuesday, July 11, 2000

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Cordillera Blanca
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Hey MountainZone.

This is Porter Fox calling. Just wanted to report that everyone made it home safely to Los Angeles, and then to their respective homes in Wyoming and Canada. We've had just a fantastic trip, made great by the fact that we achieved the goal we were going for, that always really puts an extra shine on the trip. We were really pleased to have done that. It would've been great just to get up into the Cordillera Blanca, really, but the fact that we summitted and skied made it that much better.

So, everyone is really content and happy, in great spirits, and we have great memories of our friends in Peru, and I just wanted to say a quick thanks to our sponsors, all of which made this possible in various ways; firstly Powder Magazine that started this effort and put a lot of support behind the trip to get everybody together to get us down there, and put together a story which will come out in Powder Magazine this winter.

Secondly to MountainZone who put this great webcast together, and we finally got to check that out when we got home, and it's really cool. So we hope everyone enjoyed following the trip. And also Mountain Hardwear who, as I said before, supplied us with really great gear that made the trip possible, firstly, and secondly, some funding to help us do it. So we sure appreciate the support from those guys.

In addition, just wanted to say thanks to Alpine Aire who supplied us with food for the trip and also some really great new innovative thing they have: self-heating meals, which are pretty handy up at high elevations. You guys should check those out. MSR also helped us out with some equipment, and their great XGK stoves were invaluable up high. Adventure Medical Kits set us up with some great stuff that we went through, actually, treating Wade's leg; we used that, pretty much emptied one of the kits that was really handy.

Also, all of our ski manufacturers; Head skis and Atomic skis and also Rossignol, so that was great equipment to have. Finally, another thanks goes out to Jake Norton and Mountain Link. Jake is a guide for Mountain Link. Mountain Link is an international guiding service that sends trips around the world to high peaks and takes clients up to elevations that they've never seen before, with really competent guides that not only know the mountains and safety protocol in the mountains, but also are very familiar with the countries they're traveling in.

Jake was invaluable from day one in Lima right through to Huaraz out in the mountains and right back to Lima, and the Mountain Link service is like that across the board so that's a really, really great thing that you guys can check out on the web. They have a web site that shows their trips, and I know they do a trip to Huascaran in the Cordillera Blanca, so that's something that Mountain Zone readers should definitely check out. It's really cool.

So, thanks again everybody and until next time, this is Porter signing off. Take care, bye.

Porter Fox, Senior Editor for Powder Magazine, and Correspondent

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