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Feet: • Plastic double boots or insulated leathers
• A few extra sets of synthetic socks
Lower body: • Long underwear (light or mid-weight)
• Climbing pants
• Gore-tex pants or bibs with full side zips
Upper body: • Long underwear: a couple for the torso, one light and one mid-weight
• Fleece jacket
• Gore-tex jacket
• Down sweaters (optional, Peru is too warm to warrant a full down jacket but recommended if you are sensitive to the cold)

• Wool/fleece hat
• Neck gaiter/balaclava (optional)
• Jake recommends a pair of insulated leathers, a light windproof ski-glove, and a pair of "lobster claw" mittens (but he has never used them in Peru). He always keeps a set of hand warmers in his first aid kit just in case.
Sleeping Bag: 0° down bag is sufficient. Jake brings two pads, a Therma-Rest and a Ridge Rest.
Cookware/Meals: MSR XGK high altitude stoves, MSR titanium cooking pots, PowerBars, Alpine Aire gourmet dehydrated food, and Alpine Aire's self-heating food for summit day— don't have to carry stoves!
Ice axe:

Not too long, straight shaft, a standard mountaineering axe will do. Jake attaches it to his harness with a lanyard rather than having a wrist leash, that way it won't get away from him.
Crampons: Avoid a rigid, vertical frame if possible as they tend to pickup snow. Grivel recommended (Jake says they make some of the best horizontal, semi-rigid frame crampons that still have a bit of a front point. Bring all the appropriate tools to repair them if necessary.
Ascenders: Each person should have one, or prussik slings, for crevasse rescue/self rescue
Harness: Nothing special, but make sure leg loops are adjustable (i.e. not a sport-climbing harness but an alpine harness) and it fits over your clothing
Pack: It doesn't need to be huge, about 5500 cubic inches should be plenty.
Pack ditch loop: A short sling attached to the haul loop in your backpack and hooked to the shoulder strap with a carabiner. This is to ditch your pack in the event of a crevasse fall.
No brainers: Sunglasses (dark with good side protection), goggles, lip balm, sunscreen, lighter, water bottles (2 1qt. bottles), eating utensils (Jake goes with an insulated mug), iodine/water purification tablets, personal first aid kit, 2 large, no-frame duffels (suitable for burros), locks for bags
Gear for the
team provided by
Mountain Hardwear:
2-man Trango tent
3-man Trango tent
Ritter -15 degree sleeping bags
Ethereal FTX Parkas
3-ply Conduit bibs
Stormlight jackets
Power Stretch fleece zip tops
Power Stretch fleece bottoms
Polypro tops
Polypro bottoms
Chugach Jackets
Polypro T-shirts
Altitude gloves
Fleece gloves
FTX Ventigaitor gaitors
Fleece hats
Highmountain sleeping pads
Stormlight bivies
Micro Mesh bivy
Front porch

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