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Thursday, February 26
Let the Games Be Gone

Regrets, I've had a few... Kidding. The Games are already a memory and looking back, Zone Team East found insubordination, inspiration and some really cute monkeys on their road to Nagano

Saturday, Feb. 21
Norwegians Dominate Men's Slalom

In the last alpine ski event of these Olympics, 22-year-old Hans-Petter Buraas comes out of nowhere to beat the favorites.

Friday, Feb. 20
Compagnoni Won't Settle for Second This Time

Italy's Deborah Compagnoni, beaten by hundredths of a second yesterday, wins gold in the women's giant slalom and a place in the history books.

photo Thursday, Feb. 19
Maier Wins Another Gold

Austrian Hermann Maier speeds to victory as "La Bomba" Alberto Tomba, in his Nagano debut, crashes after only 18 seconds on the course.

Gerg Wins Slalom Gold
Hilde Gerg grabs a gold medal for Germany, beating the favorite by six one-hundredths of a second.

photo Wednesday, Feb. 18
Americans Flip for Victory and Win

Americans win men's and women's Golds in freestyle aerial skiing, bring the US Gold count to five.

Japanese Team Soars to Gold in 120m Jump
Despite delays due to stormy weather, the Japanese jumpers prove their honor in front of loyal, screaming fans.

photo Tuesday, Feb. 17
Seizinger Strikes Gold...Again

Seizinger leads a 1-2-3 German sweep of the women's combined event, taking her third Gold of these Games

Golden Comeback: Picabo Street Interview
Street talks about her gold medal comeback from her devastating December '96 crash.

photo Monday, Feb. 16
Herminator is Back

Austrian Hermann Maier dominates the men's Super G in a rebound performance to win the gold.

photo Sunday, Feb. 15
Seizinger Defends Downhill Gold

German Katja Seizinger avenges her post as the Diva of the Downhill, AND clocks the best time in combined downhill.

photo Saturday, Feb. 14
Zoners Frolic With the Monkeys

With races cancelled, Zone Team East does a little ridin', a little prayin' and a little commadeerin' in Hakuba.

photo Friday, Feb. 13
Cretier Takes Gold in Men's Downhill

Frenchman Jean-Luc Cretier wins the gold on a course that forced 15 to crash out.

Reiter Wins Men's Combined
Two Austrians grace the podium and Norwegian Kjus bags two medals in one day.

photo Thursday, Feb. 12
Simmen and Thost Revive Snowboard Gold

German Nicola Thost and Swiss Gian Simmen capture halfpipe Gold while the Americans take his and her bronze.

Rebagliati Wins Back Gold
In a stunning reversal, an independent arbitration panel today reversed the IOC's decision to strip Rebagliati of his medal citing no legal basis for the sanction.

photo Wednesday, Feb. 11
Picabo Street Wins Gold

"I knew when I crossed the finish line that I had it..." By one one-hundredth of a second, Street wins the women's Super G.

Rebagliati Stripped of Gold
"I've worked too hard to let this slip through my fingers," the Canadian snowboard racer, who was stripped of his medal after testing positive for traces of marijuana, said.

Finn Wins 90m Jump
Finland takes gold, but Japanese keep silver at home.

Moseley Wins First US Gold
Jonny Moseley wins gold with his 360 Mute Grab in the freestyle moguls event.

Weather Breaks
Clouds give way to sunny skies. Women's Super G and ski jumping are on for today.
[Click for the audio]

photo Tuesday, Feb. 10, 1998
Ruby Takes Women's Snowboarding GS

"Seven out of the 31 competing women had mishaps which escorted them out of the competition. Three of these victims were Americans..."

Super Mario Wins First of Combined Slalom
"By a massive margin of nearly two seconds ahead of the defending Olympic combined champion Lasse Kjus of Norway..."

photo Monday, Feb. 9
Women's GS Postponed & The Kiwi Interview

"We woke to brutal winds, poor visibility and 15cm of fresh snow..."

photo Sunday, Feb. 8
Canada's Rebagliati Takes First Ever Snowboarding Gold
"Rebagliati became the first gold medal winner — not by default, not by luck, but by overcoming adversity when others couldn't..."
Includes audio interview

Weather Delays Downhill
"The Olympic jury decided to postpone the downhill rather than letting thousands of fans sit in the snow waiting..."

photo Friday, Feb. 6
The Zoners Have Landed
"Then, upon realizing our need to quickly adapt, I adorned a robe, smoked some incense and performed a dangerous Vulcan mind meld with our unsuspecting host..."