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Monday, Nov. 8, 1999
"...Vision Man, the powerful and moving story about a contemplative 87-year-old Inuit hunter looking back on his life in the Arctic, is the winner of the 1999 Banff Mountain Film Festival Grand Prize..."
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Welcome! is pleased to sponsor the Banff Mountain Film Festival and the Banff Mountain Book Festival. Check this page for an overview of festival events, things to do in Banff, a comprehensive list of nominated books and films, plus real time results of festival winners. Interviews with David Breashears and Göran Kropp will be published the week following the festival.

The Book Festival

Kropp in Turkey
Welcome to the 6th annual Banff Mountain Book Festival, the only festival of its kind in North America. The Festival is a celebration of mountain literature which brings together writers, publishers, editors, photographers and - of course - readers. Featuring guest speakers, readings, seminars, a book fair, book signings and launches, the festival offers a wide spectrum of experiences for the participants and the audience. A highlight of the festival is the presentation of awards for the international competition. Awards are presented to the best books in the categories of: Grand Prize, Mountain Literature, Mountain Exposition, Mountain Image and Adventure Travel.

The Film Festival
Every November for 24 years, mountain people from around the world have gathered in Banff to experience the world's best mountain films and videos. Join them this fall for the Banff Mountain Film Festival. When you're not glued to the big screen, enjoy legendary guest speakers, check out the latest gear and great destinations in the adventure trade show, catch the debate at free lunch-hour seminars, browse the mountain craft show, or take a break on the climbing wall. The festival takes place on the campus of The Banff Centre, Canada's leading professional development centre for arts, management and mountain culture. Located in Canada's first national park and a UNESCO world heritage site, the Centre is a scenic 90-minute drive from Calgary.

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