Big Close Out Sale. Now. At the Art Wolfe Annex office. We are getting ready to move to a brand new and bigger facility so we are closing out prints, posters, books, cards. packs and other odds and ends.

Open Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM Watch this space for special week-end garage sale hours 2305 fifth Avenue, Seattle, 98121 between Bell and Battery Streets. 206 441 0202 for more information


Premiering at the downtown gallery in Seattle is a unique series of photographs which embrace the style of impressionistic paintings through the use of fine art photography. Art Wolfe's photographs of animals, water, and leaves, break traditional perceptions of what photography "is".

Returning to his early teachings in painting, Art Wolfe has pushed the technical limits of his camera and lenses to capture images unique for their; graphic movement, rich color, and unique composition .

These prints are produced on photographic film which is layered onto watercolor paper, allowing a creative departure from the static realism that has imbued Wolfe's work in the past.

He began his quest for this impressionistic technique while he was working on the book RHYTHMS FROM THE WILD, (Amphoto Press, Nov 1997).

A complete show of this work can be viewed at the Art Wolfe gallery located in Seattle's vibrant Belltown community. Other examples can be seen among his other works on display at his Art Wolfe gallery located on the second floor of the REI flagship at 222 Yale Avenue North.

The Art Wolfe Galleries
2305 Fifth Avenue
Seattle WA 98121
206 441-0202
Hours 9AM-5PM - Mon - Fri (Or by Appt.)

Art Wolfe /REI Gallery
REI Flagship store
222 Yale Avenue North
Seattle WA
206 223-1944
Hours Mon-Fri - 10AM to 7PM Sat. 9AM to 7PM Sun. 11 AM to 6PM


We have job opportunities in our Seattle, WA and Denver, CO galleries and offices...If you are interested in part-time gallery management or full-time sales and administration with a very creative photo studio, call us at 1-800-473-2205 to learn more.

Visit our gallery in Minnesota!
Art Wolfe Bloomington REI Gallery
Bloomington, MN
750 W 79th Street Inside the REI flagship store
Information: 206-441-0202

COMING IN APRIL Our Newest Gallery In Denver Colorado!!
In the heart of the brand-new REI store located in Downtown Denver, Art Wolfe will have a gallery of images, books and posters
Art will give a FREE slide show/lecture about his newest book ALASKA. Come see him on April 29. Information: 206-441-0202


The web premier of a never before photographed animal. More details will follow, but stay tuned to:

NANPA Awards Art Wolfe Outstanding Photographer of the Year for 1998

NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) awarded Art its prestigious Outstanding Photographer Award at its annual meeting January 14 - 18 in Florida. To find out more about NANPA's schedule and events, call 303-422-8527.

First Rachel Carson Award Presented to Art Wolfe

In July, 1998 Art was very proud and honored to be presented by the National Audubon Society, the very first Rachel Carson award. This award was presented for Art's work for the US National Wildlife Refuge.

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