Art Wolfe's 21-year career has taken him to the farthest reaches of every continent and into the equally rarefied territories of book publishing and video production. His photos have appeared in hundreds of publications around the world. Since 1978, Wolfe has published 41 books and he has more than 10 new books in preparation. He holds bachelor's degrees in painting and art education from the University of Washington in Seattle, where he was born, raised and currently resides. Major career highlights include:

1999 Water: Worlds Between Heaven and Earth, Alaska, Tribes: Völker, Farben, Rituale, Journey Through Northern Rainforests published.

Future book, The Living Wild, receives Fuji Photo Film USA, Gettyone, and Blue Earth Alliance sponsorship.
1998 Rainforests of the World: Water, Fire, Earth and Air, Pacific Northwest: Land of Light and Water, Tribes (UK edition), Northwest Animal Babies published.

Photo West Show, New York City. Wolfe presents seminar and has major exhibit, Natural Landscapes, sponsored by Mamiya America Corporation and Fuji Photo Film USA.

Wild by Nature receives sponsorship by the Blue Earth Alliance.

Rachel Carson Award. The National Audubon Society presents its first-ever award for outstanding contributions supporting the national wildlife refuge system.

Awarded 'Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year' by the North American Nature Photography Association.

North American Nature Photography Association, Orlando, Florida. Wolfe serves as Master of Ceremonies and banquet speaker for annual national conference.

Miami Photo Fusion, Palm Beach, Florida. Presenter and panelist.
1997 Tribes, Rhythms from the Wild, Bald Eagles: Their Life and Behavior in North America, Primates: The Amazing World of Lemurs, Monkeys and Apes, Wasser: Welten zwischen Himmel und Erde (Germany), Frogs, Art Wolfe's Animal Babies: Kittens and Cubs, Art Wolfe's Animal Babies: Pups and Cubs published.

Presentations at Smithsonian and Harvard, at the international photo festivals in Germany and Sweden, and at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.

Beyond the Lens: Compositions by Art Wolfe exhibition travels to Finland, Germany, Sweden and the Eastern United States.

Wildlands, Endangered Peoples multi-media presentations benefit the Rivers Council, Endangered Species Act Coalition of pointed to the Advisory Board of the Wildlife Conservation Society, NYC.
1993 The Art of Photographing Nature, Bears: Their Lives and Behavior and Penguins, Puffins and Auks published. Hiding Out: Camouflage in Nature published for children. La Grand Livre des Ours published in France.

Light on the Land selected by the Clinton Administration as a gift of state.

American Photo's Safari aired on ESPN. The instructional program features Wolfe offering technical and artistic advice to celebrities. It was filmed in the Western United States, Canada and Africa and continues to air on the Discovery Channel.
1992 Masters of Disguise: A Natural History of Chameleons published.
1991 Light on the Land and The Souls of Animals published. Chameleons: Dragons in the Trees published for children.

Techniques of the Masters produced by Kodak and televised nationally. This instructional series features Wolfe in the field and continues to be aired.
1990 Alaska an Emmy-winning one-hour documentary on photographing Alaska with Art Wolfe, produced by KIRO Television.

Owls: Their Lives and Behavior and The Kingdom published.

On Location with Art Wolfe filmed in Alaska's Denali National Park, an instructional and adventure video for outdoor photographers and enthusiasts.
1989 Alakshak published.
1988 Extremities multi-media presentation benefits the Northwest AIDS Foundation and the Seattle Children's Home The Imagery of Art Wolfe published.
1985 The Imagery of Art Wolfe published.
1984 Ultima Thule presentation benefits the Northwest's largest expedition to Mt. Everest. Wolfe documents the expedition.
1981 Art Wolfe exhibition hosted by the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. It included Wolfe's watercolor paintings and photographs and subsequently appeared in 1983 and 1988.
1978 Indian Baskets of the Northwest Coast, Wolfe's first book, published. Expanded and republished in 1990.