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Snowboarding Interview
Super-G Winner Mark Fawcett

Mark Fawcett
Mark Fawcett (CAN)
Mark Fawcett's just kickin' booty all over the place. Following his 2nd place in the Giant Slalom in Whsitler, he takes first in this World Cup Super-G, and another first (for $10,000) in the Grand Prix Giant Slalom. Hear him here and at the Grand Prix.

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ListenMark Fawcett Interview
Editor's Note:Our snowboard editor Hans has been on the road for weeks from Whistler to Bachelor and he's partying like a rock star so when you open up this audio and it says Rosey Fletcher in the window, rest assured it ain't, it's Mr. Mark "Fuzzy' Fawcett telling it like it is

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