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Lori Stahler and Chris Rice Win Dual Slalom
Sunday, March 8, 1998
Whitefish, MT

photo Lori Stahler
heading for the finish
Lori Stahler took the women's dual slalom event in 130.45 on the final day of the U.S. Telemark Championships thus preventing Cody Thompson from walking away with a hat trick sweep this weekend.

photo Vanderhorn
takes 3rd
Thompson was behind Stahler by a little more than a second. Cheryl Vanderhorn took 3rd place at 13 seconds behind Thompson after having been set back by penalties on this challenging slalom course.

The right-hand side of the course was serving up penalty points today, effectively scrambling the raw time finish order for the women (with the exception of Thompson who skied it clean). However, herein lies the thrill and challenge of telemark — these competitors have to look good and carry their form through the gates. Style is a huge deciding factor and finesse counts as much as speed in these here parts.

photo Chris Rice —
to win is good
In the men's slalom, yesterday's classic winner Chris Rice dominated with a final score of 130.45 and only one penalty point. Whitefish homeboy Chris Nelson took second, 5.87 seconds behind Rice in his strongest performance this weekend. Dave Terwilliger placed third.

The slalom was both challenging and fun as this writer can attest after trying out the course in citizen's class. With leather lace-ups and fatty Mountain Noodles, let's just say that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. In addition to great courses, the rest of Big Mountain's terrain is fabulous and an excellent complement to gates.

After a splendid weekend filled with quality telemark racing, beautiful weather and snow, good people and fantastic parties put on by the Dire Wolf Pub and Big Mountain, excitement was high on this final day. Strong, solid skiers congregated for these championships, many of whom are headed to Salt Lake City to compete with the best in the world at the World Cup races which will be part of the Great American Telemark Festival, March 19-29.

Michelle Quigley, Mountain Zone Staff

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