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Home for Christmas
Thursday, December 23, 1999

Doug Stoup
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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Hi Mountain Zone, this is Douglas Stoup with the Antarctica Ski & Snowboard Expedition. I want to thank everyone involved for following us and watching us on and everybody involved in the project and the event. It was a huge success, and I just want to thank everybody in signing off here from LAX (Los Angeles) International Airport. We had a great flight back, and it's the 23rd of December and we're all stoked to be home for Christmas. So I'm signing off and I'm going to give you to the next person — here we go. Have a great holiday and a happy new year.

Doug Coombs
This is Doug Coombs with the expedition, and I'm really excited getting back to Jackson Hole for the holidays to see my wife and all my friends and go skiing. I can't go without a few days in the winter without skiing. So I'm really excited, and I want to thank Mountain Zone for providing this access for all our family and relatives and all our friends and everybody else who's interested in what we're doing and where we're going and how we're doing it. So it's been an exciting experience, and I appreciate it. Here goes Steve Koch. Bye bye.

Stephen Koch
Hello, this is Stephen Koch and pretty much similar sentiments to Coombs — just happy to get home for the holidays, be with my girlfriend Tina and my sister Suzanne and lots of friends and looking forward to getting some turns at Teton Village, Jackson Hole Ski Resort and also on the Pass, because I guess they've been getting good snow there in Jackson, which is great news for us for the holidays. And to have successfully completed the fifth summit in my Seven Summits Snowboarding Quest, Mt. Vinson, was a real treat, and I just want to thank Doug Stoup for putting this whole thing together. It was a great thing to be a part of with such a great team — good fun. And now I'm going to pass it over to Mark Newcomb.

Mark Newcomb
Hi Mountain Zone, this is Mark Newcomb. Thanks for all the great support — great job on the website. I checked it out down in Santiago and looked through all the photographs, all the writing; you guys did a great job. Definitely want to thank Doug Stoup on the air. He did a great job. This trip was a dream trip, and we're very grateful that it went as well as it did. We're all healthy, and we actually are back with a couple of spectacular summits and ski descents... [unintelligible]... Thanks to all — special thanks to family and friends and loved ones. Here's Mark Sicola.

Mark Sicola
Hey Mountain Zone, Mark Sicola. I just want to thank you for everything. It was fun being the Internet connection for the expedition, and I also want to say a thank you for Dirk Collins, who is on his flight to Atlanta going off to meet his wife and his in-laws for the holidays. It was really great — quite an adventure being with these extremely talented individuals. I've learned a lot — look forward to the next one and all the laughs that we've had. Mark Sicola signing off, and next is Mr. Wade McCoy.

Wade McKoy
Hey Mountain Zone. We're in LA now, warm and sunny, the skies are blue and what a difference from being in Antarctica. In Wyoming, where we're going right now, it's more like it was in Antarctica, and we're looking forward to going back and doing some skiing — although it wouldn't be bad staying here in LA for a little while and doing some bicycling. I hope everybody enjoyed the dispatches, and we had a really successful trip, and we were happy to share it with the world via Mountain Zone. Thanks very much, and signing off. Thank you Michelle Quigley and Peter Potterfield, thanks for all the support. And all of our sponsors, Marmot, Life-Link, The North Face, MSR, Teton Gravity Research ... [transmission fails].

— Members of the Antarctica '99 Ski & Snowboard Expedition


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