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Towing the Angry Child
Thursday, December 09, 1999: Daily Stats

Doug Coombs
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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Hello Mountain Zone, this is Doug Coombs with the Antarctica Ski and Snowboard Expedition. Today was a big day. We woke up at Camp III at about a -25 below, with the wind blowing about 10-20 knots. So we packed it up and we skied down to Camp II with full packs, about 70 pounds each.

We skied about a foot of powder down a 40-degree headwall. [Unintelligible] We had a little power-lunch and skied down to Base Camp. On the way to Base Camp, we saw a beautiful serac field of deep powder skiing, so we unloaded and did some filming and shooting and skiing in bright sunlight and about 15-degrees Fahrenheit, which was amazing, one of the warmest days of the year for here. And then we sled-dogged our way back down to Base Camp in the evening — towing our "Angry Child," which we call our sleds because those things just tip over and throw you all over the hill. So all in all it was about a seven or eight mile downhill jaunt today, took about 10-12 hours. [Connection lost]

— Doug Coombs, Correspondent


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