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Weary, but Psyched
Wednesday, December 01, 1999: Daily Stats

Doug Stoup
The Team's Call from Antarctica
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Expedition Team
The Team

Hello, Mountain Zone. This is Douglas Stoup with the Antarctica Ski and Snowboard Expedition. We are currently — it's 12-1 and 10:45pm. The sun is still out bright and we just reached Camp II. We ferried some heavy loads up to Camp II from Base Camp late morning.

Everyone's in pretty good spirits. Antarctica is quite unforgiving — minus five in the shade, but Sahara heat in the sun. Drops like 40 degrees once you get in the shade. Team's strong, feeling good, we crashed last night fairly early. We drank a whole bunch of water today, probably 30 quarts, probably, of water, and basically hiked all day.

Our location is Camp II, right at the base of the Shinn-Vinson saddle ice stream. We're weary, we're a little fatigued, but we're all extremely psyched. Have a great day, and hope to talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

Doug Stoup, Correspondent


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