The Accidental Photographer
The Mountain Photography of Greg Child
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Greg Child PhotoTrango Tower

Greg Child PhotoTrango Tower, Bouldering

Greg Child PhotoCamp III, Everest

Greg Child PhotoMt. Hunter

Greg Child PhotoAlaska

Greg Child Photo></A><A HREF=Menlungtse, Tibet

Greg Child Photo></A><A HREF=Camel Train, Pakistan

Greg Child Photo></A><A HREF=North Ridge, Everest

Greg Child Photo></A><A HREF=Porters, Pakistan

Greg Child Photo></A><A HREF=Ibex Skull, Trango Tower

For Greg Child, climbing comes first. As the pursuit of mountaineering over the years took him to some of the most interesting places on earth, becoming proficient at photography followed naturally. But Child has developed his skill with the camera to the point where his images are some of the most compelling to come from those rarefied regions. Like his writing, Child's photography goes beyond mere documentation.

"I consider myself an 'accidental photographer,'" Child said, "by which I mean I have no formal training in the art. However, the places I have taken my cameras are breathtaking, and it has always seemed to me inexcusable not to capture these moments and places on film."

The results speak for themselves.

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