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Team Rubicon Responds
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1998
"In regards to your reporting on our team during the race and specifically the 'assistance' provided by Eco-Italia. Rubicon was not "way off course" as you reported on your web report..."

Poolside Chat with Team Vail
Monday, Oct. 19, 1998 11:30 am (PST)
"What better place to catch up with the winners of this year's Eco-Challenge than poolside at a flash Marrakech hotel. While many teams are still out there slogging it out on course, the competitor's hotel has become an oasis for the teams who have finished..."

The Adventure of a Lifetime is Over
Saturday, Oct. 17, 1998 4 pm (Morocco time)
"Today's noon deadline has come and gone with only one eligible team, Team Venezuela failing to reach the finish line. This team has survived the course admirably, especially since they included the event's oldest competitor..."

Marrakech Goes Crazy as the Moroccan Teams Finish
Friday, Oct. 16, 1998 9 am (Morocco time)
"A wild scene at the finish last night as Marrakech welcomed home the Moroccan competitors in the Eco-Challenge..."

11 To Go Before They Sleep
Thursday, Oct. 15, 1998 10:40 pm (Morocco time)
"Of the teams still eligible to be ranked, there are still another 11 to reach the finish line...It was great to see the winning Team Vail at the finish line last night to welcome home some of their fellow competitors..."

Teams Continue to Cross, Some Together
Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1998 10 pm (Morocco time)
"A great finish line spectacle last night as Team New Zealand and Team Porelle of the UK came in together at 10:58pm to tie for 5th place. The two teams had been playing cat and mouse over the last 24hours until just hours from the finish line they made a pact to finish the race as equals..."Hear Winning Team Vail and Founder Mark Burnett at the finish line.

Team Aussie Second
Wednesday, Oct. 14, 1998 1:15 pm (Morocco time)
"Team Aussie has arrived at the Marrakech finish line at 1:15pm in second place. Captained by Jane Hall, the team rode across the finish line with teammates John Jacoby, Peter James, and Tim Smallwood all looking relieved and elated at having finished in second place for the second year in a row..."

Teams Falling In
Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1998 6:47pm (Morocco time)
"Team Adventure One arrived home in fourth place. All members appeared in great shape and were the only team to arrive to date without blisters and severe foot problems..."
Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1998 1:37 pm (Morocco time)
" Twenty-two minutes after the arrival of Team Aussie, the Spanish Team Cepos crossed the finish line outside the city walls of Marrakech to claim third place..."

Team Vail Wins!
Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1998 7am
"After an all night media vigil, hanging out in Berber tents, Team Vail crossed the finish line at 6:43am six days after the start of this expedition...It was not until late last night that word got out they had passed Spanish Team Cepos who seemed sure winners over the last few days..."

Altitude Sickness a Real Danger
Monday, Oct. 12, 1998 1:20 am
"Team Cepos member Nerea Urruzola appears to have rebounded from the effects of altitude sickness and they are powering to the finish line outside the Medina Walls of Marrakech..."
Monday, Oct. 12, 1998 12:50 am
"Team Cepos Spain, unstoppable until now, made an emergency radio call at 7:30pm to seek advice on altitude sickness. Team member Nerea Martinez Urruzola was beginning to show all the signs of illness and was instructed by medical staff to take the emergency medication that all teams carry..."

Team Cepos Nearing the Win
Sunday, Oct. 11, 1998 noon
"We have just heard that the Spanish Team has reached the summit overnight and is now descending to reach the mountain bike leg and the 180km pedal to the finish. "
Sunday, Oct. 11, 1998 early
"A search was mounted for Team Rubicon after they had failed to arrive at a check point last night as scheduled. The Team was sighted way off course after Team Eco-Italia reported that they had provided Rubicon with warmth and support the previous night..."

Curse of Mohammed
Saturday, Oct. 10, 1998 2 am
"Your cybercaster has been struck (along with just about everyone else around here) by what has been termed the curse of Mohammed...Not that pleasant but really nothing compared to what some of the competitors are going through..."

Friday, Oct. 9, 1998 9:30 am
"The areas the competitors are now traversing are so remote that no roads exist and helicopter is the only option for us to view them. Several eager photographers have employed local mountain guides equipped with mules and have set off on their own adventures..."

Eight Teams Out
Thursday, Oct. 8, 1998 8pm
"Late today the lead teams are heading into the final leg of the 80km trekking section which will then lead the way into the canyoneering. Here they will have to make their way through the Mgoun Gorge via steep narrow chasms using fixed ropes, and then ascend as high as 3500m..."
Thursday, Oct. 8, 1998 3 pm
"It's carnage on the water as a huge crowd of locals, and international surfers gather to watch teams try and survive the huge seas; 90% of the Kayaks that entered the surf zone at this PC flipped leaving competitors floundering in the waves..."

From Kayak to Minivan
Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1998
"This morning the ocean claimed another victim when Team Urban Edge was disqualified when team member Bill Vayo was airlifted suffering from extreme hypothermia after flipping his kayak..."

And they're off
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1998 3:40pm
"Many other teams were not so lucky, including several who ended up with pregnant animals and even young ones in tow..."
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1998 8am
"The local turn out for this event was as much an event as the race start itself with literally 1000's of colorful locals charging off down the beach in pursuit of the camels..."

Course will remain a mystery
Monday, Oct. 5, 1998 1pm
"The atmosphere here tonight is one of nervous anticipation as teams organize their gear and look forward to a 4am start to the day tomorrow..."
Monday, Oct. 5, 1998 10am
"The second part of today saw a live rehearsal for tomorrow's start which is the largest gathering of camels ever for a single event in Morocco..."

Ringing it in Morocco style
Saturday, Oct. 3, 1998
"The sight of the fortified walls lined with a traditional horseback guard of honor and each guest being showered with rose petals as they entered set the tone for a unique experience..."

We're live in Morocco!
Friday, Oct. 2, 1998
"Rumor has it that several teams have already failed on the rappelling course which would eliminate them from certain sections and from overall placings..."

Training in true Kiwi style
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 1998
"Roll on Morocco and the Olympics of adventure racing — the Eco-Challenge. We'll be once again proving that the Kiwis reign supreme..."

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