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The 25-Mile Trek Out
Tuesday, April 6, 1999 — 9:10am (PST)

Scot Schmidt
Hear Scot's Call
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Hello Mountain Zone. This is Scot Schmidt calling from the Russian village, Tyungur. Today we finished our 25 mile trek out of the Akkem River Valley. We arrived here at this village — it's a very small Russian village with no amenities, but it's good to be out. Everybody is very tired, and I feel like we finally have completed the mission and we are back to civilization.

The trek out was very long. We all had very heavy loads. Today we had to cross a pass; we covered around 10 miles today and 15 miles yesterday. So, it was very muddy and the snow was very sparce and it was a lot of work.

Tomorrow we begin a 500 mile, two-day bus ride to Barnaul, where we will go to the airport and begin our journey home. So, it's been a very good expedition. We finally are feeling like it's nearing the end. Everybody is very tired but glad to be alive and all together here. I think that's about it, we will contact you again tomorrow.

Scot Schmidt, Mountain Zone Correspondent


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