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Rolling on the River
Monday, April 5, 1999 — 8:30am (PST)

Jim Zellers
Hear Jim's Call
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Hello Mountain Zone, this is Jim Zellers calling from the Altai Mountains. We have left our Base Camp [unintelligible, satellite signal problems] making our way out of... was one of our long days ... early morning ... he insisted ... Russian tradition.

So, not wanting to be rude, we obliged and went on to make our way down the Akkem River. We spent the next 15 miles skiing, snowboarding, making our way down the frozen Akkem that is now in spring thaw, and we were getting over the snow bridges as they collapsed.

Had a couple of... some bridges collapsed before we were through them... couple people fell in, Ace and Nicolai, but nothing too bad... everything went just fine — a long day. We're in the woods now. We've got a campfire, it's warm... 15 miles or so tomorrow and we should be at... who knows where, we'll see when we get there... there might be a town.

So, we'll call in again tomorrow and let you know what's going on.

Jim Zellers, Mountain Zone Correspondent


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