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Scoping Out Killer Snow
Saturday, March 27, 1999 — 5:55am (PST)

Jim Zellers
Hear Jim's Call
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Hello, this is Jim Zellers with the report on the Belukha expedition.

We have just moved up to Camp 2 which involved a short ski up the glacier and then running up some fixed lines we had set the other day up the glacial ice face — there's not much snow left on it, so it's just all ice.

And then right at the top of the col, we're now at 11,000ft at the the col — all dug in the snow caves right now. It's pretty damn cold out here, so I'm going to keep this message short. But everybody's doing great. Moral is really high and we can see a lot of killer, killer snow, so everybody is pretty stoked right now.

So, we'll spend the night here and then move on tomorrow and get within a little bit closer to the summit for our third camp on, so we'll give you another report tomorrow. See you.

Jim Zellers, pro snowboarder


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