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Higher Temps, Higher Up
Friday, March 26, 1999 — 3:16am (PST)

Jim Zellers
Hear Jim's Call
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Hello, this is Jim Zellers in the Altai calling from our advanced base camp at the Tomsky hut and the whole group has just arrived. It's about 5pm in the afternoon and we just had one of the most beautiful ski touring days that we've had yet. Finally it warmed up, the high today probably getting in there at about 35 degrees and sunny all the way up. We were able to go without gloves from the minus 40 that we've had.

We're going to pass the phone around here. Just want to say hello to Bonnie, I love you and Dillon, you're looking at a nice looking rock pile for the return home as our blessing to the mountain gods. So, I'm passing the phone over to Kit.

Kit Katzenbach: Not much else to say, but it was probably the best touring day... one of the best in my life. It was really, really beautiful... [satellite signal failed]

Jim Zellers, pro snowboarder and Kit Katzenbach, skier, mountaineer and EMT


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